Use and precautions of Watch Winder

The watch winder refers to the watch box with motor used for the automatic chain up of high-grade mechanical meters. The motor box is equipped with a micro motor driven by a battery or an external power supply and can be controlled by gear adjustment and switch.

In addition, the box is equipped with a small rotating dial. It can drive slowly to put the mechanical meter in the dial to achieve the effect of automatic up and out of the strip. And it’s easy to use~

First, understand the function of each gear before using the watch winder.

1, gear means stop.

2, gear is clockwise for 3 minutes.

3. gear is counterclockwise for 3 minutes. The time of one stop is 40 minutes, and then continue.

Although fourth gear can be counterclockwise for two minutes, it only stops for 28 minutes. Then it runs for 2 minutes, then stops for 28 minutes, and then recirculates.

Then, after clearing the use of the watch winder. Turn on the switch and place the mechanical meter on the small dial in the watch winder. Then turn off the rocker behind the gear you want to turn automatically. It is easy to operate and is very suitable for some busy workers.

Of course, in addition to the clear use of it, the following matters should be noted:

Do not overuse

Long term stopping will cause damage to the watch movement, and the gear will be damaged if it is not operated for a long time. Then the long-term continuous walking will naturally cause wear to the gear and shorten the service life. The spring box is always in a tight state, which will cause strip collapse over time. Under normal circumstances, the most ideal state is when the upper chord of the automatic mechanical watch reaches 80% – 90%.

Pay attention to the antimagnetism of the watch winder

When the motor rotates, it will produce magnetic field and divergent magnetic wave. Poor quality megger is not equipped with magnetic shield, although now watches have anti-magnetic function. However, if it is used for a long time, it is inevitable to have the risk of being magnetized. The high-end megger not only sets an anti-magnetic cover on the motor, but also places an anti-magnetic cover on the watch box to resist the external magnetic field, just like a refrigerator to protect food.

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